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PE offers a full range of business planning and marketing services for Entrepreneurs and Early Stage Start-Ups to assist them in preparations to launch their company, products and services. Our solutions aim to optimize and accelerate their business growth with a minimal total cost of ownership (TCO).

We have access to a network of partners and advisors who have experience in business management, sales, marketing, public relations, finance and legal. We can deploy a business and marketing outsourcing delivery model, methodologies, communications and transition frameworks. We can help you pinpoint your challenges, penetrate your target segment, establish a corporate and product brand, initiate marketing efforts and generate sales leads.

We can develop high impact business strategy and marketing programs for you, to attract new customers and retain valued ones. Our strength, is our team’s ability to balance creativity with practical business sense to maximize your return on investment. We deliver services that carry these campaigns from concept to fulfillment, combining in-house talent with a solid network of valuable partners. We believe that a successful business and marketing campaign hardly depends on one. This is where we will study, research and tailor-make strategic business plans and integrated marketing and communications plans that best meet your business needs for the local and global marketplace.

With our team’s energy, drive, enthusiasm, commitment and domain knowledge, we help our clients succeed in their businesses, talent growth and improved operational efficiency.

Business and Marketing Formation and Planning

We specialize in business modeling, strategic planning and sales and marketing campaigns focusing the start-up, emerging and SME companies. Our talented consultants and advisors will team up with a network of partners, who have over 25 years’ experience in business management, sales, marketing, communications, and operations to assist our clients in preparations to launch their company and products/services, and continuous improvement of business operational efficiency and growth.

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  • Business Formation and Establishment
    • Business Premises/ Virtual Office Sourcing
    • Local Office Setup Requirements, Governance and Compliance
    • Business Modeling and Planning
    • Business and Sales Documentation
    • Coaching, Mentoring and Advisory
    • Systems and Processes Development and Establishment
    • Frameworks, SOP and Best Practices Development and Deployment
    • Business and Marketing Operations Supports
    • Alliance / Partnership / Distribution Channels Collaboration and Relationship Management
  • Sales, Marketing and Communications Services
    • Company Logo, Corporate Kit, Materials and Asset Development
    • Market and Marketing Research, Assessment and Strategy
    • Sales and Marketing Preparation and Support (Includes Channel Newsletter and Partner Programs)
    • Marketing and Communications Management
    • Digital Marketing Management
    • Social Media Marketing Management
    • Content Marketing Management
    • Web Concept, Design, Development and Maintenance Management
    • Brand Building, Rebranding and Proposition
    • Product / Service Launch Management
    • Lead Generation Management [/showhide]

Branding, Research, Marketing and Communications

We will balance innovative and creativity with practical business sense in order to maximize your ROI. We deliver services and customized solutions, from the conceptual phase up to fulfillment, using a combination of our in-house talents with a solid network of valuable partners.


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  • Market & Marketing Research, Assessment and Strategy
    • Trends and Analysis
    • Product Sampling
    • Distribution Channels
    • Competitive Analysis and Strategy
    • Market Projections
    • Customer Profiling
    • Data Mining
  • Marketing & Communications Management
    • Systems and Processes, Frameworks, Best Practices Development and Implementation
    • Campaign Strategy and Plan, Editorial and Scheduling, Execution and Management
    • Performance Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting
    • Marketing Performance Review, Analysis and Improvements
  • Digital Marketing Management
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
    • Pay Per Click (PPC)
    • Links Building
    • Inbound and Outbound
    • Email Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Online Advertising and Editorial
    • Broadcast
    • And lots more …
  • Social Media Management
    • Social Media Research and Analysis
    • Social Media Marketing Strategy and Plan
    • Social Media Concept and Content Strategy
    • Social Media Platforms Analysis and Plan
    • Social Media Networking Analysis and Plan
    • Social Media Advertising and PPC
    • Social Media Messaging and Positioning
    • Social Media Performance Review, Analysis and Improvements
  • Content Marketing Management
    • Analyze and propose content strategy and plan
    • Develop content marketing strategy to build targeted audience, via targeted channels and platforms
    • Content writeup, edit and proofread
    • Translation
  • Web Concept, Design, Development and Maintenance
    • Website Setup, Registration, Migration and Hosting Supports and Services
    • Design and Development (Concept, Interface, Flash, Database, etc.)
    • Web Launch and Internet Marketing Campaign
    • Design Extension, Responsive, etc.
  • Brand Building, Rebranding and Proposition
    • Create, plan and manage branding strategies
    • Launch brand and rebranding communication strategy and campaign
    • Corporate, Product and Service Brand Identity (logo, name, identity system and messaging platform)
    • Corporate Concept and Logo Development
    • Corporate Kit
  • Product / Service Launch Campaign
    • Adopts PE’s marketing and communications best practices in product and service launch campaign
    • Product / Service Theme, Positioning & Messaging
    • Sales & Marketing Incentives & Promotions[/showhide]

Lead Generation

We offer a full spectrum of marketing and sales lead generation services and create custom packages via multi-channel solutions.





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We deploy and optimize PE’s lead generation methodology to return a quantifiable and quality result:

  • Combination of solution selling and PE’s frameworks and best practices in marketing and sales leads generation
  • Customer profiling and data mining to targeted segment
  • Customized campaigns through multiple marketing channels, tools and platforms
  • Cost per marketing or sales leads model based on agreed qualification criteria[/showhide]

Concept, Design and Asset Development

We have been supporting our clients to visually communicate their identity and messages for more than 25 years. We bring together a team of innovative and creative professionals to provide you with seamless graphic solutions.


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We create outstanding marketing and communications materials that help our clients position themselves as leaders in a competitive market:

  • Corporate and Product Collateral
    • Corporate Name and Logo
    • Corporate and Product/Services Toolkit (i.e. Brochures, Folders, Data Sheets, Product/Service Manuals and Guides, Presentation and Marketing Material Templates, Product Packaging, Product Catalogs)
    • Corporate Stationary Kit (i.e. Letterheads, Envelopes and Business Cards)
  • Trade Shows and Event Materials
    • Booth Themes and Graphics
    • Hand-out / Promotional Materials
    • Pre and Post Show Mailers
    • Brand Builders / Giveaways
  • Asset Development
    • Customer Endorsement (Success Stories, Case Studies, Testimonials)
    • Knowledge Papers (i.e. White Papers, Articles)
    • Newsletters
    • Infographics
    • Motion Graphic Video[/showhide]

Media and Communications

We can offer a complete suite of Media and Communications (Internal and External) services. We help our clients with clearly articulated messages to the targeted audience, and to deliver in the most effective manner, across all regions.


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  • Media and Communications Analysis, Plan and Management (Includes Competitive Media Analysis, Media Landscape Analysis, Press Conferences, etc.)
  • Strategic Positioning and Messaging
  • Contributed and Bylined Articles
  • Media Coverage and Articles (Print, Online, Radio, TV)
  • Press / Media Kit (for example: Company Background, Executive Profiles, Press Releases, Media Articles, Testimonials, Product/Service Briefs, FAQs, White Papers, etc.)[/showhide]

Event Management

We can offer our clients event planning and management services. We have the knowledge, experience and creativity to help make your event or meeting a success.




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Our event planning and management team has over 25 years of experience in planning and executing a wide variety of meetings and events.

  • Adopts PE’s framework and best practices
  • Planning & Management of various types of events (includes Trade Show, Special Event, Symposium, Sponsored Event, Corporate Event, Sales & Marketing Event, Customer Recognition Event, Seminars, etc. )
  • Live Webinar and Post Webinar Record
  • Webinar Recording[/showhide]