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PE is led by a dynamic group of people who have known each other for over 25 years. We are creative, innovative and aggressive senior employees of MNCs and Malaysia Top 10 Overall Leadership and High Performance Companies, with over 20 years of knowledge, hands-on experience and expertise in business development, leads generation, marketing, communications, operations, information and multimedia technologies.

PE teams with a network of well-established global and local partners to provide business, marketing and communications services that meet our client’s needs. We are one of the few marketing outsourcing companies that deploys our result proven best practices and processes to develop and implement competitive business development, sales and marketing programs, as well as value-added business and operations plans that synchronize with an ever-transforming technology, rapid changes of market demand and buyer behaviors in this globalized world.

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We have hands-on experience, proven successes and records in:

  • Local and global business, sales, marketing and communications
  • Understanding the needs of the customer, adding value and sharing our domain knowledge and expertise, to build trust, confidence and sustainability
  • Collaborating with associates and channel partners
  • Branding and corporate positioning
  • Developing integrated marketing and communications campaigns by leveraging our global partners and best practices 
  • Marketing and communications services for start-up, emerging and foreign companies
  • Business start-up and operational planning and process management
  • Business, marketing and communications life cycles
  • Lead generations systems and processes and best practices deployment


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We want to:

  • Help our valued clients build rock-hard, results-oriented marketing programs and communications campaigns that lay the foundation for long term success.
  • Build strong business synergies and partnership convergence and leverage different strengths and skills to achieve “Win-Win Business Relationships”.
  • Thrive on passion, leadership, creativity, innovation and team work to bring success to business growth, continuous talent development, operational efficiency and sustainability.
  • Continually enhance our capabilities and professionalism, expand our networks and improve our service level to meet above our clients’ satisfaction, and to build trust and confidence for customers’ loyalty and sustainability.