Strategic Integrated Marketing to Face a New World

A successful marketing campaign is not reliant on doing things in one way. If a company only knows one way of running a campaign, very soon, it will be eclipsed by all its competitors in the market that are doing the same thing. For a company to be sustainable for the long-term, it has to embrace Change, and focus on being Creative and Innovative.


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Marketing Best Practices for SME & Start-ups

An essential part of any business, especially small businesses, is marketing. Marketing allows businesses to compete with others, helps to sell products and services and ultimately makes it possible for a business to become profitable and grow. However, there are dozens of ways to market a small business. Which one of them would be right for your business?


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Local SEO Best Practices

Did you know that over 80% of mobile phone users use ‘Search’ to find local businesses, products or services? Driven by a need for “information on the go”,  a majority of these local searches also come with a high probability of purchase, making this – local mobile search, an important opportunity for your business.


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5 Lessons to Learn from Failed Startups

“Learn from your mistakes.” It’s a good adage to live by, but for entrepreneurs, the possibility of failure is not something one wants to think about. Without a solid foundation, eventual failure is a strong possible outcome for those starting a company. Learning what not to do from those who have failed can be helpful in ensuring your own success.


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