5 Lessons to Learn from Failed Startups

“Learn from your mistakes.” It’s a good adage to live by, but for entrepreneurs, the possibility of failure is not something one wants to think about. Without a solid foundation, eventual failure is a strong possible outcome for those starting a company. Learning what not to do from those who have failed can be helpful in ensuring your own success.


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Can Everyone Be Innovative?

Are you excited to bring change and innovation to your organization?  Despite it being the an integral part of organizations today, innovation can often be difficult to achieve and also met…

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7 Choices Every Entrepreneur Must Make

Entrepreneurship comes with hardships that deter many people with promising ideas from ever getting started. While listening to the success stories usually serves as motivation for inspiring entrepreneurs  but the…

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Typography and American Retro

If you look around, the world is populated by letterforms in every shape, size and variation. Typography has the power to set a mood and create an atmosphere. Yet, not…

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